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The objective behind introducing E-classrooms in Edify Schools was to help expose educators to the latest technology and how it can be integrated and applied as a powerful learning tool in the curriculum. E-classrooms were created and designed mainly for students and facilitators to attain these technological skills. By integrating technology in the classroom, facilitators are able to teach their students as to how to use 21st century technological skills now and in the future. The E-classrooms at Edify has partnered with ‘Edurite’ to provide resources specially designed to enhance the research skills of the students. At Edify Schools we believe in learning beyond the books and cater to the changing dynamics of knowledge through the power tool of technology.

Edify School, Chhatarpur proudly offers a beneficial curriculum to all aspiring students. The curriculum is supported appropriately by the facilities offered by the school.Smart Class Room:


The use of smart classes and modern technology eases the learning process for all students who hail from different backgrounds and have different learning capacities. SMART classes give access to global learning at finger tips and help students to see & sense beyond their books into the realm of reality.

The SMART classroom is a fascinating and interesting place to be in as a new generation of students watch, observe experience and then learn in an interesting manner.

Language Lab:

Good communication skill is an essential part of success. An English language learning has therefore become a must for student today, to make their career anywhere in the world.

A language is easily learnt by Reading, Listening, Speaking and Writing. Language Lab is a unique feature to enhance Communication Skills and Spoken English which will set our school different from other schools in the surroundings and will give our students an edge over others.

Keeping in mind the correct phonetics, pronunciation the language lab is equipped with latest audio-visual teaching aids for learning of languages, among students. With a seating capacity of 30-35 students, the software-based language lab provides a congenial and friendly atmosphere for learning skills through a variety of activities. Students are urged to use this facility which would enable them to acquire and learn the verbal skills necessary for effective communication.

Computer Lab:

Computers have revolutionized and changed our life, directly or indirectly, and learning how to use them in school is extremely very important. Children learn the ins and outs of computers at an early age. This helps them to connect to the modern technology directly.

A state of the art computer lab equipped in consonance with the latest technology, is available to every child, along with supervised internet connectivity.

The computer teachers are always available to help the child in all their baby steps.

SMS Facility

An open communication between the parents and the school through bulk SMS Messaging system will be encouraged by Edify School, Chhatarpur.


Edify School, Chhatarpur has installed the ERP solutions that will help manage the student’s data as well as will facilitate all operations at the administration level. The ERP will also help school to become paperless to a great extent. Not only this it will help in connecting multiple departments and campus and can be accessed from anywhere. It will also facilitate parents, teachers and students engagement.

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